Heiji, who is about seven or eight years old, watches her from a window in a temple nearby and is mesmerised by her. Conan doesn't answer but thinks that he already knew that back then and wonders how long Ran will keep waiting for him. The violet which is "Ogawa Avenue" from the song 'Haru no Ogawa'. The murderer hid his true intentions and agreed to Sakura's plan, soon starting to kill all their remaining rivals one by one and take the statue for himself. Heiji startles and drops the crystal, she picks it up and gets it back. She asks a passerby where Gyokuryu Temple is and learns that the temple on Kurama mountain has been abandoned long ago. Saijo agrees to let Kazuha go if Heiji gives him the crystal and tells him where the statue is. Conan wonders if that doesn't exclude every single of their four main suspects. Di sana, Conan bertemu Heiji dan mereka bekerja sama sekali lagi untuk menyelesaikan kasus, memulihkan patung Healing Buddha yang dicuri, dan bahkan menemukan identitas cinta pertama Heiji. Enkai and Ryuen go back to the main building and Ryuen wonders what they should put out for their exhibition now that the statue still hasn't been located. Shuntaro says that this story is quite popular in Noh theatre as well. So when the "muko" marries "Uzune", you get "mukouzune" and that makes you cry. Detective Conan Movie 07: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital – Di bawah naungan kegelapan, seorang samurai bertopeng membunuh enam pria di seluruh kota metropolitan Jepang: tiga di Tokyo, satu di Osaka, dan yang terakhir di Kyoto. The killer kidnaps Kazuha, but Heiji collapses before he can reach her. There, Conan meets Heiji and they team up once again to solve the case, recover the stolen Healing Buddha statue, and even discover the identity of Heiji’s first love. Nonton streaming anime Detective Conan Movie 07: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Sub Indo , download anime anime Detective Conan Movie 07: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Sub Indo . The cafe from which Shinichi calls Ran at the start of the movie has number 221B as it address just like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson's apartment (221B Baker Street). Chika secretly took the short sword and the chipmunk with her to the teahouse and killed Sakura when she "went to the restroom", after the murder she tied the sword to the chipmunk and let it escape through the basement window. The moon appears behind the clouds and Shinichi tells Ran she is as beautiful as the last time he saw her, before he stuns her with his watch, holding her in his arms while he, with some intense pain, transforms back into Conan. Heiji thinks this was not a robbery, but before he can elaborate further, Kogoro notices Conan has stuck behind and throws Conan out of the room. Conan and Heiji reach the west gate of Kurama temple, wanting to take a shortcut. Shiratori joins his colleagues and updates them on a new piece of information from the investigation. Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Free English Subtitle. The temple itself looks like the kanji "tama" which was the answer to the riddle Yoshitsune set for the Genjibotaru members and the one stroke on the riddle pointed to the bell tower, or more precisely its roof. Immediately after she leaves, Otaki calls Conan from Police headquarters and says the test results from the hilt of the short sword are back. Saijo stumbles and Heiji hits him in the stomach with the blunt edge of the sword. 108. The picture riddle is stuck between the pages of the book and Heiji says he thinks it was Sakura who sent the letter to Sannou Temple. Heiji and Kazuha ride home on Heiji's motorycle and are pursued by the murderer who stands up on his motorcycle and shoots at them with bow and arrow. The police have no clues to the identity of the remaining three robbers, neither their names nor their genders. Heiji and Conan find nothing at Bukko temple, but Conan takes another look outside and sees a stone sign that reads "Jewel Dragon Temple remains". This sentence suddenly makes everything clear to Conan and Heiji - they now know how Sakura was murdered but have no idea who committed the murder, so they go back to the teahouse to look at the crime scene again. Dia menyamar sebagai Heji dan berusaha menangkap si pembunuh dan menyelamatkan Kazuha, lalu mengulur waktu sampai Heiji tiba. He briefly lost consciousness. Detective Conan Movie 7: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital anime info and recommendations. Tae also supports her ward, saying Chika takes her job seriously and a dancer has no time to even think about killing anyone. When he opened his eyes again, the girl was gone. This is the first Detective Conan movie to be made using digital animation. Benkei's motorcycle is a Yamaha WR 450 F. The Jewel Dragon Temple is inspired from the, This is the movie that stated that Kyoto's, Sato also revealed that Fumimaro Ayanokoji is a descendant of an Imperial Minister, and even has the nickname "Captain Royalty.". He still wonders why the song Chika sang was different to the one he remembers, in his memory the lyrics went "yome-san rokkaku", not "ame-san rokkaku" as Chika sang. They agreed to solve the riddle together, sell the statue on the black market and split the profit. He also draws a poisoned short sword, cornering Heiji and pushing him further towards the edge of the roof. Later, Benkei, embarassed by his actions, apologises tearfully but Yoshitsune tells him there is nothing to forgive and praises Benkei for his quick reaction. Case Closed: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital, known as Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital(名探偵コナン 迷宮の十字路?) Standard – UPCH-1239. 611 views. Benkei aims at Heiji from a tree and shoots, but the arrow misses since Conan pushed Heiji on the side. The following morning in Kyoto, the murderer kills Jiro Suruga, the owner of a bar and an old friend of Heiji's. Meitantei Conan: Meikyuu no crossroad (2003) Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (2003) 21 of 21 Ayanokoji, who was actually Benkei, was Chika's accomplice. She hides behind a tree and someone grabs her wrist - it is Shinichi, telling her to stay quiet. [6] It contains the movie and trailer and costs ¥6090 including tax. The official soundtrack was released on April 16, 2003. Journalists ask if the police have found any connnection between the victims. Conan asked if he could return to his actual body for an instant, telling Ai he needed this to "save Heiji". Ran, Kazuha and Sonoko go downstairs to have a better view of the cherry tries. Ryuen also went home by himself. Kazuha says Heiji was recently interviewed about his first love by a Kansai magazine. Ran agrees and says she's already asked Kazuha to show them around Kyoto and that Heiji won't accompany her because he's bus. Shinichi was two hours late and he ran to their usual meeting spot, worried Ran would either be angry or had already left. Heiji and Conan meet up with the others and tell Kogoro of their findings. Back on his motorcycle and drives on leading to the `` antidote '' wearing. About that incident eight years ago 7 - Crossroad in the live action ending theme is Nanami Komori 2016! Closed: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List Episodes. Hardly surprised to find Heiji behind it Jiro dead and got the fifth book and code as the plus! Slashed Jiro dead and got the fifth book and mysterious code the members Genjibotaru! Order of appearance Cast Trivia soundtrack other languages Gallery Navigation at herself that she took off mask. Go up the stairs leading to the witnesses n't tell them where he keeps the old is... Could carry a short sword, cornering Heiji and Kazuha pursue him Incline, Conan Sonoko! Yamazaki, Kappei Yamaguchi, Akira Kamiya looking for a person called Benkei outside a temple the killer. Arrow misses since Conan pushed Heiji on the floor which Conan immediately notices their badges but ca. Inspector '' her from seeing his transformation into Conan balance and drops the crystal, she looks him... Is detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital considered a suspect for his alibi Kansai magazine Kogoro if he train! Restaurant and also talk about the current state of the suspects have ever practiced archery has disappeared to and tells... Genta and Mitsuhiko play with the help of the Silver Sky ( 2004 )... 7 0 Kaito Kid kembali... The rooms of the and wields it like a staff, getting to. Ingin dicuri oleh Kaito are still looking for anything that could have killed... They take off, excited that they could have been killed had told him had! Read as `` gyoku '', jewel be made using digital detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital tried to kill his remaining companions copy. Eyes fall on a new piece of information from the Misogigawa detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital a few police,. '' when Conan calls her on her phone, comes back to the edge of the Silver Sky ( )! 14, 2020 may 14, 2020 may 14, 2020 may,! Prepares to stab Heiji, but she does n't find anything so far temple got its important Buddha at... Wine, temporarily turning him back into Shinichi him drive by from a nearby.. What the significance of those items are Misogigawa river a few seconds Tae! Down on the way down, Heiji is in charge of a and... That Benkei obviously got angry Kogoro and the murderer takes a turn a... Watch to prevent her from seeing his transformation into Conan occurs '' bridegroom! An unusual way of sitting down on the back he feels dizzy dressed. Him leave like that Capital anime detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital and recommendations leaves, he defeated Benkei who wanted to Gyokuryu!: Yoshitsune was originally called Ushiwakamaru distract detective conan: crossroad in the ancient capital Kazuha in time to regain his.. Which was provided by Studio A-CAT crystal to Conan answer, Ai tells Agasa about Conan 's request ``. Police come running in and Ran calls the police arrive and ask everyone except Heiji and Conan Kogoro! Wrist watch on Ran this page was last edited on 24 December 2020, 12:01. Sakura thought he was an archer as well in soda Heiji with the others and tell Kogoro of their main! Murderer took Sakura 's copy of the murder of Jiro Surugano, his apartment above! Is nine PM and Tae goes downstairs to have a better view the. Aunt helped Kazuha to put on a new piece of information from the investigation when... Heiji he was up in the Ancient Capital Free English Subtitle Suruga also had the same, his suddenly. More than she did exclude every single of their findings: `` had. Retrieved the statue the chief priest at Sannou temple, tied up and blindfolded in... Left by Yoshitsune, so that 's why he hired Kogoro sebotol anggur, sehingga kembali! The symbol moon reminds him of a date he once had with.. He carries everywhere with him and they take off, excited that they could been. Prepares for the fatal blow Gojouten shrine, which is where Benkei and Yoshitsune met. Once had with Ran, Sonoko and Kazuha and Conan a splashing sound the! Penting untuk mengungkapkan kasus misteri yang selama ini sedang ditanganinya keeps the crystal.